Single-Family Construction on the Rise

Architectural Sketch
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Rendering and site photo of a new country style shingle residence to be constructed in Greenwich, CT starting this month. This home features an entry foyer on axis with an expansive rear terrace overlooking the pool and sloping private site. The master suite has its own balcony and a domed sitting room.

  • Now is a good time to think about building a new single-family residence. Why? 
    Home financing rates continue to fall to new historic lows, and banks seem to be more eager to lend.

  • Property costs are still down, especially compared to pre-recession prices.

  • In spite of price increases for a few materials, building construction costs are quite competitive. Lumber prices, for example, remain even.

Together, they're great incentives for homeowners to consider investing in a new home. By starting fresh, you can select a property with good potential for development. Then, you can determine your own ideal house, traffic flow, types of spaces, and detailing.

Once a property has been chosen, we can start to develop your space and site plans. You’ll also need to determine your project budget. Taking into account the characteristics of the site, the design process can then begin; site planning is a critical phase which determines the orientation and location of a building on the property, including zoning restrictions, the accessibility of utilities, and other considerations.

Next, you’ll want to develop a space plan. Beyond typical living areas, an owner may wish to add special spaces, such as a media center, wine cellar, exercise room, library, or indoor pool.

Architectural Design Sketch
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Construction will begin shortly on this new shingle style home, shown in the architectural rendering and site photo, in a back-country setting with riding trails located in Greenwich, CT. It has a gracious two-story entry, open plan family spaces, and a master balcony above the living room’s screened porch.

Furthermore, a new home provides all the energy-saving benefits typical of today’s new construction technologies. These include everything from structural and mechanical systems to high-performance windows. In addition to enhanced occupant comfort, new shower heads, toilets, and other components decrease utility and water usage. Advanced insulation techniques, along with tightly sealed heating/cooling systems, and energy-efficient appliances, reduce future costs of both maintenance and ownership.

Once these matters have been decided, construction documents can be produced. And when a well-qualified, experienced builder has been selected, the owner, architect, and builder can work together on the construction process.

In short, the time is right to consider investing in a new home, both for the current enjoyment of living in a new, personally designed environment and for the future value of a highly energy-efficient living space.

To learn more about the process of new construction and how innovative design can help create your dream home, contact Steven Mueller Architects, LLC .

Debra Lutsky