Contemporary Georgian Style

Greenwich, Connecticut

One Car Garage Brick Home
Brick Home Front Door
Brick Siding and Windows
Two Floor Stairway
Small Entertainment Center
Staircase and Dining Room Table
Small Dining Room Table Set
Three Floor Stairwell
Modern Kitchen Design
Kitchen Island and Chairs
White Bathroom Design
Back Patio and Pool

This new 4,900 square foot in-town "Contemporary Georgian Style Residence" is located in an R-6 Zone on a .15 acre (6,250 sf) site in the heart of downtown Greenwich, Connecticut. Most important to the client, while maximizing the allowable square footage was to design a new residence that respected the scale and vintage neighboring homes. In addition, they wanted an authentic design that reflected the imagery of a home located in an urban setting.

With a property of 50 by 120 feet and an allowable building envelope of only 35 by 75 feet, this presented many design challenges with respect to the client's program. Many of the existing homes on this block have a front porch facing the street, a long driveway leading to a garage at the rear of the property, and limited to nonexistent rear yards. The design resolution was to provide a strong entry, and locate the garage at the front of the house. This would allow for more green space on the side of the residence, as well as providing a wonderful backyard area. The second floor porch mimics the feeling of the traditional homes in the neighborhood. Separation from the street was created with the construction of low brick walls, and extensive landscaping.